Black River Barbershop

  • Visual Identity
  • signage
  • illustration

Black River is a quaint town off the beaten path. It’s an oasis after a long journey that provides refuge from your travels. Different folks and critters pass through: all are welcome and none leave unchanged by the community's magic.

This is the manifesto crafted with the co-owners of Black River Barbershop, who wanted to avoid the traditional barbershop feel and instead reflect the eb and flow of both a river and the experience of shifting your look at the barbershop.

A Non-Traditional logo

When snakes shed their skin it is said to be part of their rebirth and transformation, making a snake the perfect symbol for the shop.

Bringing it to Life

The team wanted to maintain a cool simplicity throughout the design assets, while maintaining the ability to expand into new territory with unique illustrations that could accent the logo.

I developed mainstay type layouts, badges, illustrations, and patterns to accent the logo. The designs made their way onto stickers, shirts, business cards, and even masks during the pandemic.